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Monday, March 30, 2015

A Veiled Deception by Annette Blair

Yummy Snacks and a makeshift wedding cake to go along with the theme.

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A wedding, vintage clothing, a charming ghost, murder and more.....

Who could ask for anything more??? Good books, good friends and great food.  Our March meeting discussed the paranormal cozy "A Veiled Deception" by Annette Blair.  The book opens with Maderia (Maddie) Cutler and her best friend Eve arriving in their home town of Mystick Falls Connecticut for the wedding of Maddie's little sister Sherry.  Yes their father actually named them after types of wines.

Maddie working for a fashion designer in New York has always had a fascination and flair for vintage clothing.  That obsession takes on a new twist when she touches a vintage wedding dress and sees a vision of a past bride who wore the dress. Of course this all happens as she stands over the murdered body of the ex-girlfriend of her sister's fiance.  Naturally, Sherry is the prime suspect and Maddie feels compelled to investigate to make sure her baby sister isn't arrested for murder.  In no time Maddie's ability to "read" vintage clothing leads her on a path to a murderer. Along the way she spars with dreamy Detective Lyton Werner, flirts with her super hot on again off again main squeeze FBI agent Nick Jaconetti, buys an old funeral home and meets up with it's resident ghost the devastatingly handsome Dante Underhill.

This is a great first book in a fun series. Maddie of course ends up staying in Mystick Falls. She sets up shop selling vintage clothing (in the converted funeral home) she's collected over the years and beginning her own line of vintage clothing. The shop is called Vintage Magic and that's just what this series is. Was Sherry the murderer? Come check it out at the library.....

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